Currently, the automobile industry is going through a once-in-a-century transformation.
What is the role of a car when working styles and societal values are changing greatly?
What can we do to adapt to any era while always supporting our customers in collaboration
with the complete car manufacturers?
Aoi Machine Industry and Kawamura Metal Manufacturing have combined their strengths
to take on the challenge of manufacturing products never seen before.

"D" for Double or Dual which represents the integration of the two companies,
"D" for Daihatsu and the wish they pass to us,
"D" for Development,
And "ACT" for Active which represents the talented workers gathering to innovate manufacturing
and to nurture the people who make it possible.
D-ACT will begin with such passions.

Making compact cars safer and more comfortable.
The craftsmanship to increase quality and
develop our high-tensile strength steel technology to pave the way for a new era.
Together with society. Together with passion. Together into tomorrow.
We propel ourselves forward as we continue to think, act, and evolve.
We act to enable mobility.
Please count on D-ACT.

Do Active,together!


We make lighter components in order to realize a new mobility society. We want to lead the world into this new era.


image:Lighter and stronger.

Strengthening our high-tensile strength steel technology and making our manufacturing system more efficient

Lighter and stronger.

We will continue to develop our high-tensile strength steel technology to increase the quality and performance of our components. We aim to operate faster, eliminate unnecessary steps, and constantly improve our manufacturing process. Through repeated testing, we will create an environment where only good products are made.

image:Because our products are made by people.

Introducing a personnel training system to contribute to the development of a mobility society

Because our products are made by people.

We will devote our energy to educate and train people who have the skills to face and solve various problems and can think on their own, take initiative, and make suggestions. This is necessary for the realization of a mobility society.

image:Sending out superior components to the world

Sharing the technologies and know-how that changes the world

Sending out superior components to the world

We will create a new business model that will allow us to share our original, advanced technologies and know-how with the world. We want to realize a global mobility society.

image:Getting closer to the ideal.

A long-lasting contribution to society through our SDGs activities

Getting closer to the ideal.

We will support vehicle electrification with our lighter components and reduce the environmental burden. We will provide our employees with environmental education and participate in activities to preserve the environment. As part of the global community here on Earth, we want to broaden our perspective and help realize a sustainable future.

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