Environmental initiatives

With the aim to realize a sustainable society, our company is taking measures to lower the environmental burden and to solve environmental problems based on the following policies.

Environmental Philosophy

We believe we have the responsibility to pass on a "Green Earth" to the next generation. As a car manufacturer, we will improve our manufacturing of products made from stamped metal sheets and cut down on pollution.

Environmental Policy

As a responsible car manufacturer, we will do our best to make long-lasting efforts to reduce and improve the environmental burden in all of our activities involved in manufacturing products made from stamped metal sheets.

  • 1.We will observe the laws, ordinances, agreements, and other requirements regarding the environment.
  • 2.We will establish our own goals and plans for improving the environment and encourage taking action continuously.
  • 3.To realize a better environment, we will continuously educate all employees on the environment and promote activities to preserve and better the environment together with our domestic and international customers.
  • 4.We will disclose our policies and establish collaborative relationships with persons involved with environmental preservation on a variety of levels.

Environmental Initiatives

We actively engage in street-cleaning activities around our company as part of our effort to contribute to the local community.
*The examples of our activities introduced below are from 2019.

image:Mejiro Clean-up Project (Oita Prefecture, Japan)
Mejiro Clean-up Project
(Oita Prefecture, Japan)
image:Street-cleaning activity around our factory (Shiga Prefecture, Japan)
Street-cleaning activity around our factory
(Shiga Prefecture, Japan)
We are taking action and raising awareness of environmental preservation
by planting trees each month.
image:Monthly tree-planting ceremony
Monthly tree-planting ceremony
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